Monday, October 27, 2014

Ride Alaska 2015

Ride Alaska 2015

Ride Alaska is Back for 2015 and after such a successful Alaska trip in 2013 and an amazing CA, AZ, UT Adventure in 2014, this ride has all the makings of an epic Adventure.

A great deal of thought goes in to a "Destination" for my Adventures, and 2015 seemed to have me thinking twice about heading south in to Mexico and beyond. 
(Photo the cartel? the Federalist)
I contemplated once again about Colorado and  the back-country Adventure we were a bit early for last year, but that would put my plans out to August of 2015, too far out for me and Alaska could be done much earlier in the year, The number of routes to Alaska and Number of  new sites to see would mean this trip would not be a repeat trip and I could create an all new adventure to Alaska!.

A few things stand out that looked to be in need of exploring on a "next time I do this" list: The inside Passage and the Ferry system, Denali Highway, Richardson Highway, and Valdez are just a few, yes this "Destination" is worth a second trip.

 (photos left to right inside passage by Northern Dream charters, Richardson Highway by Mike Criss, Valdez the Alaska Government Finance association) 
As this trip is still in the early stages of planning,  you can expect lots of updates regarding Riders, Gear, Bikes and the rout as it unfolds.
If your thinking of an Alaska Adventure of your own, I would highly recommend picking up a Copy of (The Adventurous Motorcyclist's Guide to Alaska) Lee Klancher with Phil Freeman have done a great job of detailing, routs, stops, sights to see and places to eat.

its going to be interesting to compare my notes from this trip from that of the 2013 trip, wondering how many times I will contradict myself in retro spect!