Thursday, June 20, 2013

Budget Top Box

Quick update: In my last post I talked about my tank bag and not wanting to use it for the Alaska trip.

It would be nice to have a Top Case for the Givi rack on the back of the bike the ones that match the side bags are about $300, and I'm not a fan of the look. I like the TourTech case but that is about $600 wow!

Not totally sure I will like either option I decided to try this

It's  a Stanley FatMax tool box $28, lockable but not water tight. I also bought a tube of silicone waterproof sealer to seal all the seams $4.99 as well as stainless steel hardware to mount the box $4.

First I made a template of the mounting holes on the rack with a pice of paper scented that to the bottom of the box and drilled the 1/4 inch holes in the box and mounted the box. Its about a one hour job including sealing all the seems, 24 hrs to dry! I then bought a 12 x 23 Outdoor Products water resistant duffle bag and inserted that in to the box for extra protection. The result looks good, locks and the size is perfect. The trip to Alaska will be a good test to see if it keeps my gear shaft and dry.

For about $65 I have a total solution for my top box and now no need to use the tan bag!