Monday, June 17, 2013

Shake Down (Pre-Trip Ride)

I had a great ride and camping trip with good friends this weekend as a shake down trip for Alaska.
 I brought all the gear I would have with me on my ride to Alaska and would get a chance to make some last minute decisions on gear,  and try out the Spot device (GPS locator) blow is the link to the map with GPS locations for this trip.

For tracking, the device reports out every 10 min, even during the time we spent waiting for lunch 70min.
It can be fun to see the progress as the trip and each GPS location on the map along the way.

Two decisions were made on the trip, along with a confirmation of the gear working well in optimal conditions of course.


1) I don't want to bring the tank bag: this is the first time I road with it on this bike and it just feels out of place and not totally secure. It's a magnetic type and worked well on my sport bike but not so well on this bike because of the different shape tank.
2) Larger tent: I have two tents, and I was having a difficult time trying to decide witch one to bring, I brought them both On this trip and decided on the larger of the two.
RE: If I get stuck in the rain, the larger tent will provide more room to sit and read a book and have all my gear in the tent with me to keep dry

I tested the Coleman waterproof matches (just in case) it took 9 matches to get one to light lol, a lighter works better!

My new motorcycle boots work so well I only took them off to sleep, we took a nice hike around the lake and they did great, love the new boots!

My 2011 V-Strom 650 got 70 mpg, fully loaded over the 300 mile trip, confirmed with my wife's bike,
same bike same miles also posted just a blip over 70 mpg...... Now that is nice!

Some photos from the trip