Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Organized

Route planning, passport, International motorcycle insurance, bike prep, and packing next:
Some words on route planning;  get the whole family involved, hear you see I have maps up on the window the kids 9 and 11 are finding the places I will visit roads I must travel and some distances I need to cover, its lots of fun, especially that side trip it looks like I’m taking to Hawaii lol!
When I’m on my way they can use the same map to track my progress, I have lots of little stickers and Post it notes for them to use as well as dry erase markers they can use those on the windows too, wipes right off.
So first things first, if you are planning a trip like this you will need a few things like a passport and proper insurance, yes they should ask for both as you cross the border.
Well, I need a new passport, long story short, I think the coastguard may have my old one; I was boarded about 70 miles off the coast of Oregon, on my sailing trip down from Bremerton Washington to San Francisco California “just a quick safety and passport check” and we were on our way.
The local Post office made it quite simple to get a new Passport, Government Employee Insurance provided a vary official Canadian copy of my insurance, which luck would have it, covers Canada at no extra charge!, mental note; don’t forget the US copy, OK so I am printing those now and putting them in the trip folder, I have a storage unit in my garage dedicated to the gear I’m bringing, it’s a good way to get everything in one place and stay organized.
Preparation and Packing: still working out what to bring so I will post a bit on the Gear I chose and why next!