Monday, May 20, 2013

Riding gear

Riding paints: Moose Racing Pant (13 years old), originally for endure Racing, they do well in rain and mud and have proven to be a great adventure riding paint. Moose designed these pants with reinforced sections where they come in contact with bike parts that can cause damage to the pant the pant leg also go over the boot keeping water a debris from getting in. after all these years they still show very little signs of wear despite the abuse the received from racing and riding, Highly recommended!
Jacket: Tourmaster Transition Jacket, (10 years old) the jacket comes with a liner for extra warmth, has shoulder and elbow armor for safety/protection and is water proof. In warmer weather it has zip open vents with Velcro to keep the vents open for added air flow. I really like the design of the jacket with great pockets safety protection and keeping the cold and wet out.
A couple of notes on this jacket; first, My choice to buy black was likely a mistake, warm weather riding its HOT, I think a lighter color would help this jacket in the summer months. Second, they run large and will accommodate extra layers under the jacket without going up a size.

Helmet: Lots of choices hear and helmet style/design you chose will depend on what you are riding, I have sport bike, Curser and off-road helmets, a Sport bike helmet can be extremely loud when you ride an adventure bike due to the angle of the helmet when riding. Noise/wind comes from the bottom of the helmet around the neck and the wrong angle will create a vortex and lots of noise where as it is quite on a sport bike in the tuck position. so consider your riding position when selecting a helmet and bring ear plugs.
I will be riding with my Ari XD (7 years old), as an adventure helmet it has motocross style with a Street bike shield and a visor that keeps the sun out of your eyes (no need for a dark shield that limits visibility at night) and it has Lots of venting for Air on hot days and still keeps you dry in the rain. The XD has a helmet has a removable and washable liner, a great helmet.
  Gloves, two sets, Icon Waterproof gloves (new) Kilm light summer gloves (1 year old) the decision for two pair of gloves was easy, I needed waterproof gloves if it rains or is cold and summer gloves if it’s warm. A note on waterproof gloves, some waterproof gloves are too thick in the palm of your hand and can fatigue your hands after a prolonged time on the bike. Some manufactures shape the glove to fit your hand as if it were on the grip, more of a fist position, this helps because there is less effort in holding your hand in the grip position (the glove is not fighting you = less fatigue) I love Icon gloves for this reason most of their gloves are stitched in the fist position.
Other items: Neck gator to help keep the cold out, helmet sock (goes over your head inside the helmet) to help keep your head warm if it gets real cold. Glove liners for extra warmth and three pair of good motorcycle Socks.