Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The Alaska Motorcycle Adventure seems to be coming together for 2013! A trip I dreamed of doing in 2008 with a group of 4 riders, bad timing brought an early end to that adventure.
This year I decided it was time to take on the challenge again, only this time it would be a solo trip ride and meet the family in Anchorage Alaska as a half-way point creating a vacation within a vacation for five days in AK, I think I score twice for that one!
The Ride will start In Livermore CA, (July 3rd) Driving interstate 5 to Canada (I have ridden most of the roads hear in CA, OR, and WA so I just want to get to BC to start seeing new roads and experience a new ride.
The Detailed plan: OK Detailed sounds like a commitment, im not likely to keep, so lets keep it loose, I will Plan to keep somewhat to this route and stay somewhere near these areas, its an adventure so everything is likely to change, you will need to check back to see where I end up each night and some photos of what I might see along the way.

Getting organized:

Route planning, passport, International motorcycle insurance, bike prep, and packing next: