Monday, July 22, 2013

A Sign Post

Today I actually had to make some decisions!

Go to Haines and take the ferry to Bellingham WA or ride back, if you remember I was considering taking the inside passage and experience the other Alaska highway, well this is a motorcycle adventure after all how could I take the ferry? head east and ponder the next decision wow two in one day... 

Do I go back the Stewart cassiar highway or take the Alaska highway: well I hate to back track but their are reports of construction delays on the Alaska highway? I head to Watson Lake and will enjoy some new roads!

It's interesting driving along after Whitehorse, roads I was on just two weeks ago look so different going the other way, I question more than ones if I'm going the right way, each time I answer by thinking, well if not, this is a great way to be going! and I will just have to make up the time tomorrow when I figure our where I went LOL!
Don't remember seeing this two weeks ago

Though rain was a great majority  of my enjoyment today, I did manage a couple of shots between storm fronts.
Some great sights along the way

Hard to see hear but people will place rocks to form their name all over the place, 200 miles from anywhere and there everywhere !

Just random signs at rest stops, no real history hear just telling you people fish and hunt out hear, well it makes for a some light reading while on the road.

My thought for the day! if you would like to see the view from hear, you could just put your motorcycle gear on and stand in the shower for 8 hrs ;-), I guess that would be a good test your rain gear too, I stayed dry and it looks like my gear will dry by morning! 

The Sign Post forest totally took me by surprise, I really did not expect it to be so grand. The photos ive seen of the spectacle just don't do justice to the depth and magnitude of this spot, it is absolutely worth the stop, and if your taking the cassiar not the Alaska highway,  just turn right at the junction and make the stop at Watson lake, you will not be disappointed.

People actually bring their home town sign post, the big one with population numbers elevation and all wow! It has paths that lead down several levels and in to a parking lot, I will take my morning walk their! Guess that means I will call this a short day and find a hotel!

I am happy to report my rain gear is holding up well and my custom top box is keeping my iPad dry as well! I absolutely love having a top box it provides easy access to the things you want and it's at a level you don't have to bend down to access, supper handy!

Side note: Food! With the exception of lunch on the road I am making all my meals rather than eating out, I prefer spending this time in camp winding down for the day and thinking about the ride, it's just better for me. If you are thinking of doing the same I highly recommend Moutan House pro-pak, it's a backpacking freeze dried food and this brad is quite good.
The rice dishes I have tried are all good, along with the beef stroganoff always looking forward to the next one. A two serving dish is good for one person, if there are two of you, you should each have one or opt for the larger size and share this makes for a simple easy to clean up meal. 
For breakfast I have a can of Irish Oatmeal some brown sugar, crushed nuts and craisens, it makes for a good breakfast. I started the trip and with those instant oatmeal packages and they made for a blood sugar crash soon after I started riding, the Irish oatmeal seems to work well for me. I also bring along a couple of different gernola  bars for an extra boost mid morning.

A stock photo: building the Alaska Highway (the hard work continues today)