Monday, July 22, 2013


Riding solo out of Anchorage this morning was a great joy and running north toward Tok was a ride I was truly looking forward to. The views of glaciers spilling off the ice fields were just visible through some rain when I passed through just two weeks ago, now these sights were fully visible and I was able to soak it all in and it was fantastic.

My plan beyond Tok AK was up for grabs, I would just ride in the direction of the boarder until I felt like stoping, so  Once I arrived in Tok I fueled up the bike and got a great burger at Fast Eddies for myself. Fast Eddies works well with crowds, and it was quite crowded with a bus load of customers and  lots of two and four wheeled travelers looking for a warm place and a hot meal, I was seated immediately  and service was excellent, along with the food!

looking ahead I and finding no one traveling from the direction I was headed I added a second and third layer for warmth, it looked chilly ahead and rain was just touching down outside the restaurant.

The ride that followed my visit to Tok was all new road after passing the turn off that took us from chicken in to Tok on the previous ride to Anchorage, This new to me road was exciting in two ways as I'm now officially not back tracking and It's also under a great deal of construction that signs say continue on to from Hynes junction, they are right and provide for an exciting ride in the rain and I am loving every moment of it.

The town and gas stops just seemed to fall away in a blur as I really start emerging back in to the grove of the solo trip. lots of bikers to talk with at every stop, much more so than on the way up and it seems most are headed back from Valdez.
most bikers I talk to and are also just taking there first stop as it comes " let's just see where we end up" everyone keeps saying and i could not agree more,only one of the bikers I saw keeps to there original plan of a top over in Beaver creek, we all just keep riding and riding, soaking it all in. 

I finally think I've had enuf for the day and its getting on in the evening as I have now been on the bike for a little over 12 hours. I pick up the last room at the cozy corner motel, as I see the rest of the riders start filling in to town behind me, I also notice two riders that passed me a while back and they are just settling in to there room, oh yes  a hotel, I'm glad to have a room tonight as snow is falling on the nearby hills and rain is still dancing on the highway, I will sleep dry tonight, thank you vary much!

After reeling in all the beauty of the day I am sorry to say it was one of those days you would have to experience to see, not much in the way of photos do to the constant rain, I just kept riding.

It was gorgeous and I feel I am fully in drenched in to my Solo Ride!

Total miles today 625