Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rocky Mountains

I would like to start out with an interesting thing I did today: This morning getting on the bike and heading out felt a little strange, no one on the road, and no signs saying what highway I was on or what direction I was going, soon yes there were other cars and some motorcycles too, but still no signs? Did I go the right way? I start to see a lot of other bikers traveling in both directions but still no signs...  Do I care if I'm going they right way, well no I think, not really.
I know I'm not going back the way I came and so it seems I'm headed east, or south east, at least I think so. Well long story short I don't see a highway sign for 500 miles and I don't ask.
I'm sure this is right and it just feels better to just be out enjoying the ride, even if I might be headed the wrong way.
so I guess what I did today was follow my instinct and trust my sense of direction, it felt good!

Crossing the Rocky Mountains on a motorcycle is something we should all do, it's something I have always wanted to do and today I got to do it! Wow what an amazing thing to do on a motorcycle, you get to feel each change in climate, you can feel and smell the air change density, and as you rise and descend through the clouds, rain and sun, you experience each moment through all of your senses. And yes that is better, much better than just seeing it pass by.

Looking up in to the Rocky Mountains 
Large washouts, looks like half the mountain cane down!
Loved these rock looking out at the mountains 

Some long waits today, lots of construction on the Alaska highway, I found more dirt on the Alaska highway than I did on the Stewart highway.
Descending out of the Rocky's  

I have not really talked about the wild life yet, I was saving that for latter, but let me touch on it hear, I have seen six black bear, two brown, three moose, many bald eagles (two babies), and lots of bison / buffalo, today there was a road block set up with a follow me truck to guide traffic through the buffalo, lots of them, they were right on the road and about five feet from my bike, no stoping for photos unfortunately wow some of those guys are BIG it's been great to see it all up close

After desk ding out of the Rocky Mountains Canada is FLAT and many many miles of straight roads, I ran in to a guy traveling across east to west cost of Canada today he says its like this all the way, he was looking forward to the Mountains

This is just a sample most of the time the road seems to go off the end of the earth......

My campsite for the night off highway 29, this is a great alternate rout as it has lots of winding roads and is absolutely gorgeous, I will have to get some photos tomorrow