Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day Two Whistler

Today started with a later morning 8:20 am and a cool ride through Portland, Home to powell's books. They are the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world, and I keep thinking its Amazon.. Well check them out the next time your in Portland at 10th and 11th ave there are over 1.6 acres of space to find that perfect book for your next trip.

I cross over in to Washington and the Columbia river, this river has more water flowing in to the Pacific than any other in North America.

I will see two Vancouver city's today first is Vancouver WA this was the first of the two to be incorporated (1857) by captain George Vancouver 29 years before Vancouver BC, so it just seems natural to be crossing this one first.

Just a short time later I pass through Olympia WA, just voted for best College towns in the Nation by out side magazine  for its vibrant downtown and access to out door activities, also note before you drop everything and move, it also rains quit a bit with an average rain fall of 50in and 162 days each year of constant mist

It's on to Seattle WA and a Stop at Kaladi brothers Coffee, with some of the worlds best coffee known to man, and yes I will be enjoying this coffee for the remainder of the trip, all provided by my new riding companion, Meet Tim Gravel,  He lives in Anchorage Alaska and decided this ride was just too much to pass up, he flew down picked up a New bike in the morning and met me for coffee a short time later before heading out on the road and the first mile on the new bike.... Tim you are so cool to do this trip with me Thanks!

Tim and I head out of Seattle make a short stop at the broader and we are now in British Columbia!
And just in time for rush hour traffic.... Lots of it.. It's hot and slow, hear is a shot of the boarder, I don't think they wanted us taking photos! So I'm just answering calls hear ;-)

Soon all this traffic gives way to an unbelievable view yea!

I feel like the trip is getting in to full swing now.. And  soon, we reach our first camp in Squamish Valley, the campground has an interesting entrance that might make you think twice about staying hear, but get past that and you are treated to a beautiful view and primitive camp site, we paid $25 US for the two bikes and one site, that's a little steep for BC but still not so much it hurts, sharing the camp ground with only a few other campers, it is a good place to start our ride in to Canada.