Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home Run

Oh look at the map, wow! Just over 100k to the boarder. And just about 1,000 miles to my door step!

I've been down this road before! I feel like this is the end.....well lets call it a home run, two days if things go well.

I cross the boarder, friendly customs agent welcoming me back (must have been a long hall he says) "its been a great time" is my reply, and I'm on my way.
After finding my way through a maze of construction zones and re-routs on The US Side I stop for a BIG breakfast, and then i get on my second to last freeway before I'm home, interstate 5 I will follow this for a very long time!

Today is a ride from Hope BC, through WA, in to Oregon up to Grants Pass, about 600miles, saving 400 miles for tomorrow! 

I have one image floating in my head all day

A big part of me is still sitting by this river, in my little backpackers chair, I'm at pease hear and that part of me always will be.

This the second to last day of my adventure to Alaska and back, I reminisce over each day and each memory that is now etched in to my sole, It is an amazing thing, to Ride Alaska Solo.

Canada was a large part of this journey and it was magnificent.

When you ride on your own, people are more open to approach you, welcome  you and share their experiences with you, it's a great thing.

One more day of riding and I will share my final thoughts of the adventure, now it's time for rest.