Monday, July 8, 2013

Chicken Alaska day seven

As we leave our remote camp today we talk about an interesting thing we saw last night, about 8:30 we saw a guy moving his tractor, a very old tractor the type with tank type tracks on it, he could only turn by backing up stoping on of the tracks and swinging the tractor to one side. Also as we noted the tractor could only go about 1mph, that may be a little faster then he was actually moving, we kidded he would still be on the road to Chicken when we left in the morning. Lol

20 min later who do we pass....yes that's right big waves as he just made it to his destination, a new dig sight just down stream! Wow talk about pulling an all-night-er.

Chicken is an interesting place, great breakfast, from a woman that has been working there for 25 years, and has the skills to organize the largest US troops with a take no prisoners attitude for and organized kitchen, it was fantastic.

The girl working in the gift shop, Tim finds out is from France, is spending the summer with her boyfriend and working at the resort town of Chicken Alaska!?! What does chicken translate to in French.....

This sign above, is for the "new" chicken moving in on the old town, ah competition Is alive  and well.

This is the old one.....
A chicken bush!

You can get anything you want at allies restaurant... Well they have there song, but chicken has an emporium !


Some great people in Chicken, Tim and I both got a free Dust to Dawson hat just for riding a motorcycle into town! 

The trip from hear out was a bit of a rush to get to Anchorage, about 400 miles away, about 120 miles from Anchorage I made the decision to seek a spot to slow down and catch a nap, pushing too hard on the last day made little sense and I could tell the lack of sleep was catching up to me, I was stoping every 50 miles just to walk around and shake off the fatigue. It was time to stop.
 I pulled over and talked to Tim, then found the first RV park and set up my tent! Tim continued on to his home in Anchorage, 4 hours of sleep made the world of difference and I was soon on my way again! Arriving in anchorage at 9pm.

wow an amazing ride with some of the best views I've seen the whole trip, and so close to Anchorage it's no wonder so many people love this area so much!