Monday, July 8, 2013

Day five Caesar to the Alaska highway

The Casear has changed quite a bit sence i saw it last, far better roads were a must for the gold rush! yes the gold rush is happining now, and corporate camps are teaming the highway with brand new first aid trucks, ambulance, gas and what look to be bunk houses. The road crews are busy keeping the road in tip top shape for how remote it really is.

During our trip through we only saw about 1/2 mile of gravel do to a large construction site and that should be compleat soon.

Today was much longer than expected, and I'm not sure why, did i miss calculate the miles to kilometers, it just seemed to go on for ever and ever, some good sites to see and a few photos were taken, but mostly just mile after mile of Tarmac. 

Some of the lakes are vary clear and colors are bright really a beautiful site to see 

We made the Alaska highway today and the speed seemes to pick up with the larger highway, we are on a roll now.

More traffic more people and lots of motorcycles headed south! I think we will keep chasing the sun, our shadows will just have to wait for now, on to Whitehorse.

It took us 12 hrs to reach Whitehorse and we were ready for the stop, seeing all the RV's I started to think, oh it's Friday, and the camp ground might be full... We are in luck and in for a treat/change of pase, we stay at the Robert service camping facility, and I'm thinking as we pull in is this an amusement park,     No,    The little plots are set up side by side and some are in the parking lot, don't run over the tents! We do get a nice little camp and have a good stay, with our bike in camp with us.

We meet a guy headed south, on a BMW GS 1100 delivering it for a friend, nice deal, and with the stipulation he got to ride the Yukon in exchange I think he likes the deal quite a lot!

We have opted for dead horse and the top of the world highway for tomorrow we may even reach Alaska ! Lets just hope it's not another 12 hour day lol.