Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day one and 700 miles

Day one of the Alaska trip was mainly to pass a large Ribbentrop of Tarmac under the bike and in to the past.
Temperature were expected to be well over 100 so I Poland an early start, leaving the house at 4:20 am and it still felt, temperature wise like I should have left sooner. With my first stop for gas and coffee at 220 mile red bluff I'm averaging 49 mpg a bit off my last ride but given the speed is a bit higher its expected, the remainder of the day I average 50 mpg.

Next I get a great view but not so great photos of Mt Shasta.

Then on to grants pass: named to honor Ulysses S. Grant for his victory over the confederate army at Vicksburg and the turning point in the civil war.

It's still quite hot so imagine my surprise when I see this guy hanging over my shoulder!

This is the grants pass caveman! Displayed at the chamber of commerce 

After cooling of I headed out to Albany for fuel: named after Albany New York by Walter and Thomas monte itch, who first settled their after leaving their home town of the same name in New York 

Now on to Salem with a side trip to Dallas OR to see a friend from collage and a needed catch up on life.

Some things you may not know about Salem OR it was once in habited by the kalapuya Indians, about 17,000 of them seasonally, when the Europeans arrived in the area in 1812 they brought the gift of smallpox malaria and other diseases witch killed most of the Indians .

 In 1842 Methodist missionaries organized the Oregon institute that became the Willamette University and the first western university in the United States.

Also the home of Herbert Hoover who became president in 1929.

Salem was in a desperate state in the 1960s and 1970s but is now the second most populous city in Oregon and of course at the hart of the states government. 

Thank you to brother pat for this most excellent trivia, it keeps me going and a whole lot more in the know during my travel!