Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hudson's Hope to Hope!

As it started to rain last night in camp, drip,drop on the ipad! I huddled up in my tent to right my blog, it was a neat way to end the day!

I woke up this morning to a dence fog, I could only make out a few camps down the way as I pack my gear and head out for an early start to the day. The ride up out of the canyon was quiet and calm, deer seemed to line the road so it's slow going this morning.

The morning ride remaind cool, with some great sites as the fog cleared I sopted a few times just to some it in, once you turn off the machine it's amazing how quite the hills are the highway sounds get lost in the hills so you are left to feel like you are on your own, it's a nice feeling.

 The sound of compression breaking form the next big rig reminds me I should be on my way.

As my morning fades in to the afternoon I'm struck by the change in climet once again, this time it's the heat, wow 97F im not used to that right now, I move on thinking it will pass but it just seems to get hotter! I take a few breaks to dowse my head with water and find shelter in an A&W hamburger stand, oh the ice cold frosty glass of root beer is so, good!

I'm struck by the endless ribin of Tarmac that seems to go on for ever, hear are two shots same day much different weather and landscape to go with it, keeps me thinking what's around the next corner or over the next hill, don't you want to know.......yes, I keep riding!

Finally as I head in to a deep canyon, the heat of the day dissipates and I'm presented with some amazing sites of a massive river running at what seems to be as fast as traffic down the highway, it's a spectacular site to behold, and I can only emagin the massive force of the river steep cliffs and tight curves make for a great ride! and not a single photo....oops!

With road construction and 650 miles of Tarmac, I felt the effects of a 13 hr day on the bike, I made contact with the family and called it a day!