Monday, July 8, 2013

Day six Whitehorse to Alaska

Headed to Dawson, you cover some unique county, lots of variation in very way, large forests, burn areas and great vistas.

Today we met more bikers than any other day, most with a common goal to make Dawson by sun down, I'm happy to report it looked like they all did.

Cool home built trailers like this one and other with tents that pop out the top, just how much you carry is only up to the limit of your imagination, I love it! Some great people on the road.

On our ride to Dawson we saw some grad vistas but largely we saw long long robins of asphalt and what looks like land untouched by man.

when you look out over the vastness of the Yukon you realize it would be easy to get lost in it. For the most part the small towns are made up of a single gas station selling no more than gas and a few candy bars, no real food to be had so we slogged on with out all the way to Dawson, there we were treated to a vlarge lunch/dinner of Philly steak and  fries gravy and cheese, something of a favorite of the locals and as our waitress stated not well know to Americans, it was so good, lets not worry about the calories on this one but I think you will agree it was big.

Next we jump on the free fairy and cross the Yukon river, flowing high and grand this year. They were building up the bank on the other side to accommodate they higher level of the river so it made of an interesting landing, three attempts getting a car or two off each time and then it was our turn, fairy still moving as we rode off, what fun...

On the other reside we are treated with the,  now add this to your list of MUST rides, trailer highway "top of the world highway" a dirt road longing the top the Moutan range that takes you back in to the US and Alaska, I say back to the US for two reasons one the road on the Canadian side is amazingly good and on the US side bad, and we are headed that direction if I could I think I would just ride the Canadian side up and back to Dawson , that would be epic.

We make it to the boarder by 7:55 they close a 8pm, I was thinking that last photo may have cost us an extra day in BC, but there is a time change at the boarder, now it's only 7pm!

US Boarder shot on the other side!

We take a camp in Alaska and fight the masketoes hear is our camp for the night