Monday, July 8, 2013

Day Three Prince George and beyond

Today the plan is simple, head north, shoot for Vandorf BC, and real in the beauty of the sea to sky highway. This rout has my head turning in every direction with amazing sights to the right to the left and holly smokes behind me too, it's truly hard to keep your eyes on the road. With a photo opportunities every 1k you could spend a week just trying to capture it, I have to make the reluctant decision to just live it and only take a few snap shots to capture the trip.

This stop to see if we could get some free wifi, I was able to connect and get two messages out before loosing the connection, wifi will be more difficult than I had thought.

The climb out of whistler is a steep one with hair raising sharp turns at every corner, you quickly realize the speed is posted in kilometer not mph, slow down and enjoy! You will also notice that passenger cars seem to drive slower than the RV's I don't get that but it may just be a fluke do my experience.

Once you've made the ascent and descent of the sea to sky highway the scenery seems to turn to...well I kept thinking I was in Arizona ?

We stop for a nice lunch, at a nice historic ranch at the intersection of 99 and 97, they have carriage rides, historic building people dressed up in period garb, as well as picnic tables and inside seating at the restaurant, we had a good burger and fries, it made for a good stop before the road became endless.   

 This long strip of tarmac is only separated by small towns that seem to pop up for no known purpose. Again the scenery changes to that of foothills much like i see in CA and then on to what looks like the endless bush of the far north, but your not that far north yet, we push on.

We arrive in Prince George look for a proper drain pan for Tim's mandatory first oil change and head out for a camp site for the night. We end up exactly where my plan had us staying for the night "Dave's RV in Vanorfe BC.

Daves RV was a welcome site after spending 13hrs on the bike, Dave is a great guy and ran down to greet us even thought it was after the closing time of 10pm. He is a fun loving guy, happy to see Us and spent some time to get to know us. Nice place to spend the night and get hot showers.

Dave's RV is a great place to camp or stay in an RV, vary Cleen and quiet, hot showers are free and cleen. you can also do your laundry or just hang out in the club house!

A quick dinner and off to bed by 11:30, we can look at the map in the morning.