Friday, July 19, 2013

Native Alaska

Spending a week in Alaska has Been a great adventure in it self, learning about the history of the people. And tribes that formed Alaska brought new light to my understanding of the history along with a new respect for the land

A trip to Mchugh creek and a short hike will show you just how close the wild Alaska is to Anchorage.

A trip to the end of the road, in Homer (the farthest west you can drive in the US) was an amazing trip in many ways, wild life, sights and the people.

Short story and many thanks; on my trip down to Homer I lost my beloved I-phone, one minute I was holding it, and the next it was gone, I still have no Idea what happened ?
After a through search through everything I have with me and a long drive to re trace my rout over the last 40 miles, I have no hope in finding it, I'm quite upset. Did I load that ware is my phone app? If some one found it could they figure out how to contact me, not likely.
I travel on to Homer and remain in a poor mood for the next few hours, once in homer I load the apple tracking software on my iPad and search for my phone.... Yep there it is right in the middle of the Kenai river about 50 miles down river from anywhere I have been! There is hope, I activate the lock out mode and the call me message with an alternate number. They call 30 minutes later reporting they found my phone and are bringing it to. Kaladi Brothers coffee in soldotna AK. Wow remember Tim, he road up from Seattle with me, well small world the people that found my phone also noticed Tim as a contact and called him arranged the drop off and Tim arranged to drive down and pick it up for me, all this in the time it took to me to drive down to Homer, so nice.
Later I find two photos in my photo stream, on my iPad, I save all my photos to iCloud, the first photo is the one created by the lock out app that created the message to call my alternate number and the second is a photo of the kids that found my phone, with the location of the photo listed, hay this is cool, you really can find your phone with this app! The identity of these kids is still unknown to me, but there honesty and effort to get the phone back to me is a real tribute to the hart of Alaska, Thank you!

Some shots from Homer
Quite a few bald eagles, hear is one with her baby, it was fun to see her bring a meal back for the little one, looks like its just about time to leave the nest.  
Fishing is the name of the game in homer, this is one of the many fishing boats headed out for the day

Its time I start thinking about my return trip! 
it's been a great visit and I have enjoyed every moment to date, I am also ready to start the return trip, new rout and new sites to see is exciting.
 I will depart Sunday July 21st, and take the more traditional rout along the Alaska highway (Alcan)

I wil post more along the road as I find Wifi spots to upload.