Monday, July 8, 2013

Day four Vandorf to dees lake, almost!

Today will be all about the Caesar highway.

Hear we Snap the mandatory photo at the start and head out.

Pavment is good and The scenery is mostly thick low woods and bush.

Lots of bear six sightings today along with two deer and a moose, it was a nice change of wild life.
We had some good photo ops later in the day, as far as gas really the only concern is your first leg of about 170 miles with no gas, and some odd in maned gas stations where you have to register with the computer system before you can see if your credit card will work with the system, mine did and Tim's did not, so I left him there to fend off the bears on his own, I guess this is a solo journey after all.

No, that's not right we just started switching off buying gas for a while, but it does make you think a bit cash will do you no good out hear, and that is a little strange. 

After first gas you will see base every 100 or so miles but the towns look prity bleak out hear, with the gold rush corporate supply camps and fuel stops ruling the county, it makes me wonder what will happen when they all leave, no stores no gas, it's going to be rough.

We stop early, after 11 hours on the bikes, and wow was that the right choice, best camp ever, $16 groomed sites Clean bath rooms a view that is just amazing and service? Along with our camp site we got as much split fire wood as we wanted some starter news paper and a loner axe, all delivered right to our camp site, outstanding, now if I could just remember the name of that site?